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Vietnam bike adventures


Vietnam bike adventures

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where the people are welcome and the environment is breath taking. The geography, history and culture combine to create great opportunities for visitors like you to experience this unique part of the world. Where you stroll down the crowded streets in the big cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi, visit rural peaceful villages, or explore our long coastlines, lush forests, and sky scraping mountains, you will be amazed by the variety of our quaint country. The questoin is "WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO SEE THE REAL VIET NAM? -Travelling by bicycle is the most rewarding way to experience the real Viet Nam. Just imagine pedalling along the river on concrete paths in peaceful garden villages in Mekong Delta, along the coast in the Central region or up to the mountainous areas in the Northern region of Viet Nam. Enjoy breathing the fresh air, taking pictures and tasting the daily life of locals... We are a local bike tour company passinate about sharing our country with you. Whether you are a first time rider or a biking warrior. Vietnam Bike Adventures Team will make sure you experience the real Viet Nam!

What makes us different?

Vietnam bike adventures

*We make a difference by changing the way of your holiday break. *You want to get away from the busy city, tourist areas and have the real authentic Viet Nam experience at the local level. *We will show you places, you would never find on your own and no other tours offer - designed by locals and avid cyclists. *Personalised services for the individual even in group settings, we will ensure each and everyone of you enjoys youself. *Pictures and video of your experience are provided free of charge after the tour. *A small group makes for a better experience. We usually organize for a family, a group of friends and small groups so that your journey feels like a road trip with your mates, so you're always involved whilst remaining safe at all times. *The good bikes are very important on the trips so we know that "You can not enjoy a great trip without a really great bike!" *We understand that you come in different fitness levels so your guide cycles with your speed.

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