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Vietnam Bike Adventures was founded by an experienced biking tour guide, based in Ho Chi Minh City. It is supported by a group of international enthusiasts who have enjoyed great biking adventures in Vietnam.
*The founder: Tom, was raised in the Mekong Delta. He first worked as a farmer and then after university he became an English teacher. After growing up, working and biking throughout Viet Nam he decided to become a tour guide. Since 1999, Tom has been a freelance biking tour guide all over Vietnam for different tour companies. He understands the country, people and their customs.This allows him to take visitors into the countryside to meet local people and experience the real rural life.
 As a child of the countryside he can easily help guests get closer with local people, their culture and way of life,...through biking. Everyone falls in love with the places that he leads them to.
 After encouragement from other bikers, he decided to create a biking tour company devoted to provide tourists with an intimate experience of seeing the real life of Vietnam by bicycle.
*Our guides: are graduates from Tourism Training School fully trained in first-aid treament and possess excellent English.They are experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and most importantly, passionate bikers who love meeting people. Our guides are from different areas of Vietnam so we have the local expertise which allows us to take tourists off the beaten paths to see the real lifestyle of locals. The use of a local guide on each tour allows us to provide an in depth biking holiday in areas that may not accessed by bus. Our local knowledge enables us to provide routes of different skill levels to satisfy all bikers.
*Our bicycles: include Trek and Giant mountain bikes of top quality.They accomodate many sizes, including children. Children's seats, wheelers and trailers are also availabe. All biking trips are supported with an air-conditioned van or buses, medical kit, spares and tools and beverages. On the narrow paths or single trails we also have motobikes to support any biker who wants to rest their legs.

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 Phone : Call 24/7 : (+84) 909818050

 Email : info@vietnambikeadventures.com

 Address : 17/2a, 22nd Street, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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