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Tour grade:
Our tours range from: 
Easy -->Moderate --->Active --->Challenging to help you choose a biking holiday that best suits your level of fitness. It depends on the region where you want to cycle in Viet Nam. The road condition is good and flat in the South, hilly and steep in the Center and the North, so that you know what level of activities to expect.

*Easy biking tours:
 This follows mostly flat off-roads and countryside smooth paths, gentle roads in the shadow. You can expect to cycle 3 to 4 hours on a cycle day tours or 2 day bike tours (25kms- 40kms/ day). This is the great choice for families with children or anyone  who is not often to cycle at home or has'nt ridden a bike for years. This is suitable for most people.
*Moderated biking tours:
 Requiring reasonable levels of fitness for people who regularly enjoy cycling( regular cyclist) at home with basic off-roads riding skills. Distance can be up to 50kms- 65kms/ day for 4-5 day biking tours. This is suitable for most people in good health.

*Active biking tours:
 It's suitable for fit, well trained cyclists who can cycle on long biking days, mainly narrow paths, steep bridge climbing, single tracks. Cycling distance is 80km- 90km/ day 
*Challenge biking tours
 This tour is more challenging for experienced, well trained cyclist with a mixture of steep climbs on passes and the options to go off- road onto single tracks with longer distance on longer tours. If you love a challenge, sign up now!
*There are some kinds of clothings and biking equipments on the biking tours:
*Biking clothings:
-Cycling shorts: Should wear for a comfortable ride.
-Cycling jerseys: For keeping sun-cream, insect-prayer...
-Short fingered gloves: Recommended for a long ride
-Shoes or Sandals: Biking shoes for long  biking day tours and sandals for walking.
-Sweat-band: Keep sweat out of your eyes.
-Socks: For comfortable ride.
*Biking equipments:
-Helmet: It is compulsary for our safety tours (not on the push-bike by the low in Vietnam)
-Saddle: We have got a soft or gel-saddle covers (If ask for requry), or if you have found one that work well of you!
-Clip-pedals: We have got clipless-pedals. For longer tours please, bring your own clip-pedals and do Not forget your clip-shose!
-Sun classes: Wearing during riding in the sunlight.
-Sun scream: Recommended to use during biking in the sun.
-Rear view mirrors: You are welcome if you wish to bring your own one with you.
-Insect-repellent: Strongly recommended to use at night, should put it on before dark (about 5:00PM). Someone use on day-time!.
-Handle bar bag: for storage of small daily iterms (for long trips you can take your own one if you wish!)
*Your luggage: 
-You should divided your luggage into two bags:
-Big bag (overnight bag): You leave it on the supported vehicle and transfered on the way to your hotel.
-Back bag( small day bag): 
You can put small daily iterms in and to be taken with you on the bike.


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