BIKING- 1DAY TOUR IN MY THO & BEN TRE: ( Sai gon- My tho- Ben tre- Sai gon)


( Easy)

Mytho-Bentre( Mekong Delta)
1 Day
35-40 km

My Tho, one of the first stop in the Mekong Delta, is only about a 1,5 hour drive from Hochiminh City ( about 75km) and used to be the capital of Dinh Tuong province( today is Tien Giang province), with population of about 250,000. It sits on the banks of My Tho River, one of the many Mekong River tributaries near the mouths of the Mekong.
It was under Combodian rule until the 17th century and was settled mainly by Chinese after the Nguyen Lords took control of the area later that century. Thai forces subsequently invaded the area but were forced out in 1784. The French took contol of the region in the midle 19th century. In the mid-1960s, an important American millitary was here. 

 Today, Mytho is a prosperous City known for its rice production and fruit orchards. Mytho can easily be seen in a day visit from Hochiminh City.
  Ben Tre is just a little province to be combinated by 3 big ilands( An Hoa island, Minh island and Bao island) in the mouth of Mekong river. The provincial capital is also called Ben Tre, it is a local city with an 86 kms' road to Hochiminh City, this province's name is supposed to be born following the French establishment of their Tham Bien( civil service) on the left bank of Bentre arroyo in 1867. Being the confluent of large rivers ,the local scenery is simple, specifc of the South's countryside. Its immense space is richly adorned with rivers, arroyos, crowded villages with numerous sellers and buyers both on land and on the water. these rustic spectacles are exciting in the tourist's view.

 It is good for any visitor who loves to discover the real Mekong Delta! Ben Tre is well- known for coconut plantations, tropical fruit gardens, where nursery and bonsai gardens are grafted from village to village for generations, It is good for cycling tours with some homestays for overnight tours.


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