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*Airport-pick up:

You will be picked up by your bike guide at the air-port with your sign name, and transfer (30 minutes to downtown) to your hotel for check in and refreshment. After that You will go with your guide to the bike store for bike fitting.
*Bike Fitting:
You will choose and try a bike to fit your size and we fit your own gear stuffs up your bike (If you have your own ones), Your guide tell you how to use and change the gears! and go back to your hotel for your leisure. 
*Welcome Dinner:
Going out for dinner with your guide, enjoying Vietnamese dishes and your guide will do the briefing for what the tour plan on the next day.(Your guide will do that every night after dinner)
*Hotel Pick Up:
Your guide and driver pick you up at your hotel and transfer (usually 1,5 hour) to out of a busy city for starting a ride 
*On Biking Roads:
We will ride on the right side on the back roads (Concrete paths, dirt roads or single tracks) with your guide in front of you. We will take turns every 150-200m, Your guide usually uses body-language to show you by his hand on the right, it means we will turn right and vice versa, when bikes are coming in front of us, He says "bike up" and You should be on the right side while the bike is coming through on the left or "bike back" You should do the same when some bikes from behind us. If You want to pass someone you should say " Dzo,dzo" and They will be on the right side, You are ready to pass. 
*Rest Stop:
Every 10-15kms We stop for a water break at local coffee shops or regroup on the cycling roads, and 30-35kms we will see our support vehicle for filling up water, grap snacks, soft drinks and fruits... 
*Lunch Time:
Usually we stop at a local restaurant to enjoy local foods or we take lunch box with us (picnic lunch) if these is no restaurant where we ride in the remote or mountainous areas.
*Night Time:
We go out for dinner or at your hotel. Your guide will tell and show you on the map where we had cycled, do the briefing for the next day and we enjoy happy hours! 
*Tour End:
After finishing cycling days We will head back to your hotel or see off at the air-port. 


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