SAIGON- CUCHI TUNNELS- SAIGON:( Sai gon- Cu chi( Ben dinh tunnels)- Saigon)


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Cu Chi Tunnels
1 Day
25-30 km

Cu Chi Tunnels, this is a vast network of more than 200 km of underground tunnels in Cu Chi District- Ho Chi Minh City, nearly 70 km Northwest of Sai Gon. These tunnels were constructed and used by Viet Cong to conduct operations, sometimes within the perimeters of American millitary bases and hide from the enemy. These are thoroughly fascinating subterranean vestibules, where Viet Cong lived, slept and ate... There are underground hospitals, kitchens and communications system centers. There are living areas, sleeping quarters and munitions storge centers. There are even "street signs" under the earth to help guide arrant guerrilas and newcomers. When operational, these tunnels amazingly stretched all the way from Sai Gon to Cambodian border. You may get a chance to fire an AK-47 and an M-16 with American bullets which are collected from the war


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